My Top Picks for 2021

It is usually a problem to find photos to add to my year end gallery. The past 2 years I had trouble trying to pick what to pull out because I had too many.  I use these galleries not just to show my top photos, but also to help define my year photographically, historically and spiritually.  

As covid continued into 2021, like everyone else, it seemed the pandemic had affected every aspect of my life, both personal and business. The year started with loosing one dear cousin to Covid-19 on January 9, as another was fighting for his life due to the virus. Gerri was only 79 when she passed.

After years of struggling to take care of my mom at home, we finally got her into a nursing home in July. We delayed because of the issue of covid in the care facilities and because of the lockdown and not being able to see her. The entire process and the anxiety of wondering how her Alzheimer mind was going to process the move was stressful. The first time seeing her there was a very profound moment.  I’m happy to say that she has settled right in.

Fortunately, my business made a nice recovery from 2020 with thanks to 2 PPP loans, an increase in assignments and a handful of new clients.  Having a job of photographing people not wearing masks was problematic at times, and I remember loosing a pretty good gig in January because I didn’t want to photograph 15 people in a small confined area.  It wasn’t worth the money to me.   Having to create photos of people living their lives while wearing masks and having those photos evoke emotion, was challenging at times, but i found my way.  We do what we can and trod forward.

We’ve been through a lot the past few years, I can only pray that we’ve turned a corner. On to 2022. 

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