Employment & Freelance Opportunities

Apply for Internship  


We are accepting applications NOW for 1 paid part-time internship & one internship for college credit for the summer of 2018. Deadline for applications is 5/1/18.

To apply for a summer internship with Nancy L. Ford Photography, please send your resume with references & portfolio samples to:

Nancy L. Ford Photography
52 Franklin Square
Utica, NY  13502

You may follow up with an email to Photos@NLFord.com. Do NOT call unless you area instructed to do so. To qualify for paid internship, you must be matriculated or 1 year post graduate.




Register to be a Freelance Assistant Photographer /Videographer

Nancy L. Ford Photography, in conjunction with other area photographers & videographers, created a database of area freelance photographer assistants, second shooters, camera assistants, assistant directors, etc. This database will not be published publicly, but will only be available to photographers who sign up for the service.  Many photographers have their regulars they work with, but sometimes find themselves in a pinch and need to hire an additional assistant.

All levels of experience are welcomed to register, from beginner to experienced. Your rate of pay will be determined by the individual who hires you. Any freelance jobs you acquire from this database is a contract solely between you and the photographer who hires you. The moderator of this list has the right to refuse anyone access to the list database and also has the right to remove anyone from the database without any explanation or reason.

If you are a photographer/videographer that wants to have access to the database, email Nancy at Photos@NLFord.com.

Assistant Laura Laurey, MPW Art Director Sara Furlong, and Intern Kristin Kilheffer found themselves in a bit of trouble on the job during a shoot for Totaline. (Photo by NL Ford)

Assistant Jessica holds a highlight on a giant stone crusher at SamScreen, Inc. (Photo by NL Ford)