Preparing for your appointment


Schedule & Arrival

  • We adhere to the CDC/NY State/Oneida County Guidelines.  We will sanitize the studio between appointments.  We ask that if yo do not feel well at all, have been near anyone that has been ill or has tested positive for COVID-19, or, if have traveled outside area in the past 48 hours, please reschedule your appointment, even if it is last minute. 
  • ARRIVAL: Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so that you are not rushed. This also helps get you relaxed and improve your composure. We want you cheerful and not thinking about traffic.
  • Please call ASAP to cancel or reschedule or if you are running late. No-shows are a loss of income and waste of our time preparing for your shoot.
  • If the ground is wet outside, please bring a pair of dry shoes. We do not allow wet shoes on set or in office areas. We will ask you to change your shoes at the door.
  • Have some fun! We want you to enjoy yourself.

Wardrobe Tips

Basic Wardrobe Tips

  • Clothes should be clean & well pressed. Bring clothes on hangers and change when you arrive. Note: Sitting will cause creases on both shirt and pants.
  • For headshots, DO NOT WEAR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS. Bare arms will draw the attention away from the face and create an uncomfortable crop on arms.  Women should avoid scoop-neck shirts. If your photo gets cropped tightly, it will look like you are not wearing cloths.
  • DO NOT WEAR DECORATIVE NECKLINES such as large ruffles, cowl necks and giant, colorful scarves.
  • Keep jewelry small and simple.
  • Dress from head to toe: Clean shoes, socks, and belts.
  • If you normally wear glasses, keep them for the portrait.  If you wear transition glasses, please arrive early to give your glasses time to reset to clear.
  • Avoid super short dresses for full length or 3/4 length portraits.  Long skirts or pants allow for more flexibility in poses. Photos cropped through bare legs are awkward and create an amputation look. 
  • Choose wardrobe to reflect the look you want “fun, casual, business, etc.
  • You should avoid large print and bolds patterns and colors.

Retouching Requests

If you have dental imperfections (or other retouching requests) that make you self-conscious, pull the photographer aside before shoot and ask if that is something they can retouch. We would rather have you smile naturally and confidently and retouch later, than produce photos for you in which your smile is strained and trying to hide those imperfections. We want you to shine!

For Executives:

  • Bring clothes on hangers to keep cloths neat and ironed.
  • Wear suits tailored to fit. Suits too tight & too big are difficult to work with.  If you’re wearing a suit jacket, avoid wearing a bulky or billowy shirt. Your suit will look wrinkly if your shirt is bunching under your jacket. 
  • Long sleeves should be narrow with an inch of cuff showing from under jacket sleeve.
  • Executive portraits should reflect the style & image you want to project. Suits often represent tradition and professionalism. They should be crisp & well pressed with ties, scarves, and jewelry kept simple and understated.
  • Dark suits with a light colored or white shirt or blouse underneath look best in a portrait. For a business or formal look choose mid-tone and deep tones. For a casual look choose light colors.
  • Plan to wear a jacket or sweater if you’re wearing a tie and dress shirt.
  • These days, executives don’t always wear suits. Other simple, clean, wrinkle-free outfits can say professional, too.

For Groups

  • Keep It Simple. You may want your group shot to be formal, casual or fun. 
  • Think about coordinating everyone’s wardrobe; simplify, by choosing similar colors, and styles. This creates a greater sense of togetherness and let’s the subjects shine.
  • The colors should coordinate with each other so that no one person stands out — unless that is the intention of the portrait.

Additional Wardrobe Tips

Clothing Colors and Tones

  • Choose simple garments in medium to dark tones. They help highlight your face.
  • For a casual look choose light colors.
  • Colors can be muted shades of brown, blue, green and burgundy, or similar colors. But avoid colors that are similar to flesh tones.
  • Darker pants and shoes and socks are best for full and ¾ length shots.


  • V-necks flatter fuller faces and shorter necks.
  • Turtlenecks & higher necklines flatter slender faces and long necks.
  • Darker shades are more slimming.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes. They will add 10 pounds.

Hair, Makeup & Sun

  • Good Hair: Bring a comb and brush. If necessary, cut and/or color no more than one week before your session.
  • Fingers and Toes: Nails should clean, even, and, if polished, use a clear polish.
  • Women: Wear your makeup about 10% heavier than normal.
  • Guys: A fresh, close shave is absolutely necessary; neatly trim beards & mustaches.
  • Avoid Sunburn or a too-dark and unnatural tan.
  • Bring make up if you have it, especially compressed powder to reduce shine.

After the Shoot

  • In most cases, we will pick your headshot out before you leave the studio.   If requested, your proof photos will be placed on a private web page within a week. When you choose which photo(s) you want, we will process them digitally. This involves retouching, color correction, and adjusting contrast.
  • Your photos will be delivered to you in your choice of print size, or in high resolution format for your publication on a disc, depending on your needs.
  • We print all our own work and do not allow our photos to be printed by other labs. For more information on ordering prints, click here.
  • Please allow 1 week per 50 photos for retouching/processing time. In other words, if you order 100 photos, allow 2 weeks for retouching, 150 photos, 3 weeks.