The Archives

The links below will take you to archived projects from early in my career
that had been previously published on past designs of

"On The Trail of An Arsonist" was a photo essay I worked on for 6 months with the infamous writer Scott Wallace. The stories in this project are about the success of the Utica, Arson Strike Force

"Defying The Drought" is a story I wrote about a Schuyler, NY farmer, Joe Tripple, and his devastating fight to save his crops and family lively hood during the drought of 1999.

"" is the website of a photo project chronicalling the murder of Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsay and the days that followed. I was commissioned by the Utica PBA for this project.

"Photojournalism As a Career," though now archaic, was an online guide for students interested in pursuing a career in photojournalism. This guide was hot at the time, reaching students all around the globe, and getting upward of 150,000 hits a month.

"The Dear Man," was a little ditty I wrote about an 80-year-old man I had to photograph on assignment. Andy had been arrested for feeding deer on his property. The was the first and only online item I published that went viral. By the end of it's first week, the Dear Man had hit 250,000 visitors, and that was in 1998!

"Photojournalism from the Soul" is an essay written for photojournalism students in 1998 for inspiration.

Photos & Famous Quotes about cats for people.

Cat-egorically Human: A feature column I wrote, published in the OD about the humanization of cats.

Oriskany Blaze Razes Home: Kills 3 Dozen Animals. Story by Judy Manzer/Photos by Nancy L. Ford